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The Fellowship's Administration

The Fellowship of Fire & Ice is run by and for its members.  The two main bodies responsible for accomplishing the tasks set by the members are the Althing, the supreme governing body of the Fellowship, and the Service Councils and Collectives, who are responsible for implementing the will of the Althing.

The Althing

The Althing will be the Fellowship's supreme governing body and court of last resort for all disputes.  It will function as a directly democratic assembly consisting of all members in good standing.  All members in good standing may address the Althing, seek redress for grievances, elect the chairs of all service councils, and make proposals for, discuss, and vote on changes to the charter, laws, and policies of the Fellowship through whatever processes are set by the Althing.

The first Althing has not yet been convened.  Our current administration, headed by the Provisional Governing Board, is a provisional government with a mandate to convene this first Althing and organize the service councils and collectives who will implement the Althing's will and make this first Althing possible.  All decisions made by the current provisional board, councils, and collectives will be subject to review, revision, and ratification or rejection by the first Althing.

The Service Councils and Collectives

If the Althing is the body which sets the overall direction for the Fellowship then the Service Councils and Collectives are responsible for making those mandates a reality. 


The Service Collectives are worker-run collectives of members who are dedicated to fulfilling a specific task such as the Moderators' Collective, which is responsible for keeping the peace in our web spaces and processing membership application, the Ritual Planning Collective, which is responsible for organizing online rituals and supporting in-person ritual planning, and the Teaching Collective, which organizes, runs, and promotes the classes in Fire & Ice spirituality offered by the Fellowship.  Collectives are facilitated by a Chair, who is elected by the members of their respective collective, and have their own secretaries responsible for keeping track of their collective's records and producing minutes for collective meetings.

These Collectives are organized into one of eight Councils, which exist to better coordinate their activities.  Each Service Council is a spokescouncil consisting of the chairs of all Collectives who make up that specific Council and a Council Chair.  Provisional Council Chairs are elected by their Councils pending the first Althing, which will formally elect all Council Chairs.  Council Chairs are responsible for facilitating their council's meetings and representing their council on the governing council.  The Chairs for the Hospitality Council and Treasury Council also serve as the Secretary and Treasurer for the Fellowship, respectively.

The Governing Council will be the ninth Service Council and its functions are currently being fulfilled by the Provisional Governing Board.  It will serve as the Board for the Fellowship's administration, operates as a spokescouncil of all Council Chairs, and is presided over by the Governing Council Chair and the Governing Council Vice-Chair, who also serves as Chair of their own Service Council.

Nine Service Councils

Governing Council

Provisional Governing Board Chair: Ryan Smith

Provisional Governing Board Vice-Chair: Sophia Fate-Changer

The Fellowship's Board, whose functions are currently fulfilled by the Provisional Governing Board and will be elected as a spokescouncil of all Service Council Chairs by the first Althing


Hospitality Council

Fellowship Secretary and Hospitality Chair: Travis Wells

Responsible for promoting a culture of hospitality within the Fellowship, managing member services, and helping new members feel welcome in the Fellowship.  Current collectives include the Moderators' Collective and the Secretarial Collective.


Treasury Council

Fellowship Treasurer and Treasury Chair: Christie "Foxnose" Schaefer

Responsible for managing the Fellowship's finances, donations, and expenditures


Council for Education & Teaching

Education & Teaching Chair: Sophia Fate-Changer

Responsible for organizing and coordinating all Fellowship education programs, including clergy training which is handled through the Apprenticeship program.  Current collectives include the Teaching Collective and Apprenticeship Collective.


Rituals & Events Council

Rituals & Events Chair: Lilith Ward

Responsible for coordinating and organizing rituals, social events, festivals, and other communal activities for Fellowship members and inclusive Heathens.  Current collectives include the Ritual Planning Collective and the Events Collective.


Media Council

Responsible for coordinating all Fellowship media outlets and promoting Fire & Ice content.  Current collectives include the Marketing Collective and Website Collective.


Council for Community Safety

Responsible for ensuring the safety of all Fellowship events and spaces.


Council for Mutual Aid

Responsible for promoting mutual aid, Heathen-owned and operated cooperatives, and the general economic well-being of Fellowship members.


Land, Facilities, and Infrastructure Council

Responsible for managing any land, physical facilities, or infrastructure such as servers and tools owned by the Fellowship and its affiliates.

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