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James Calico he/him/they/them

James has practiced and studied Heathenry for 12 years with some form of Rune practice for 9 years. James describes himself as "not an expert, just a really big nerd." He was raised on Native Illiniwick and Kickapoo land. James meandered into Heathenry through Metal, Martial Arts, and reenactor scenes between 2011 and 2013. They were involved in a series of short lived Kindreds such as Twisted Tree, Corn-Sea, and Strong-Oak. In late 2013 he got involved with the Springfield Area Pagans, and in 2014 they joined the Anti-Racist Heathen Scene more or less online. In 2015 he joined The Dragon Hill Kindred as a ritual incantational writer/singer/drummer/ and storyteller. They worked in the Anti-racist Heathen scene as a networker, communicator, and media liaison. James also worked with and made contributions to groups such as HUAR, HAH, HAB, and HAR in their formative years. 

Current and Upcoming Classes

Rune Lore Alternatives from June 3rd to July 8th at 10AM PST

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