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Pip Ollie Paris  he/him

Pip Ollie Paris has been a practicing Pagan for 23 years, and a part of the Fire and Ice community since 2020. Pip is an experienced ritualist, mystic, and change-maker with experience leading rituals in many Pagan and non-Pagan communities. He is finishing a Masters in Divinity at a Unitarian Universalist seminary, with hopes to become a spiritual director in service of Pagan and non-Pagan clients.  He is on the ritual planning team, and just joined the Teaching Collective.

Current and Upcoming Classes

Intro to Nordic Paganism, Wednesdays at 10AM and 6PM PST beginning February 7th, 2024
Intro to Nordic Ritual, Wednesdays at 11AM and 7PM PST beginning February 7th, 2024

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