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Updated: Nov 17

The following is a list of mutual aid organizations who can provide assistance for people in need. Mutual aid is different from charity in that it is all about people helping people support each other, build community, and provide assistant in times of need. This information has been pulled from multiple sources, including It’s Going Down and Freedom News, and has been broken down by specific regions to make it easier to navigate where appropriate. National-level groups are listed at the top for each country. If you have information to submit please fill out this Google Form, select the Mutual Aid for the first question, and we will add it to this part of the Heathen Cookbook.

General Resources


United States


  • Hands of the Goddess, emphasis on assisting the homeless and at-risk communities, chapters in California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, South Carolina -

  • Indigenous Mutual Aid: An information and support network with an anti-colonial and anti-capitalist framework. We exist to inspire and empower autonomous Indigenous relief organizing in response to COVID-19. We seek to grow the organizing of this effort into a collective hub of organizers from throughout what we recognize as Turtle Island. Please connect to our Slack channel to connect, share, & build. Directory of groups here.

  • Student Mutual Aid Network -

Pacific Northwest


Mountain West


Great Plains




United Kingdom


  • A nationwide coordination page was set up: Covid-19 Mutual Aid – UK. Please follow them

  • Queercare provides assistance for immunocompromised, astmatic or otherwise at additional risk from COVID-19. You can also access useful resources and advice via their page. Queercare has volunteers nationally and is working on organising folk into more local groups and providing advice. A sign-up form is available here. Queercare have also finalised and had approved by medical professionals an initial list of principles and assumptions and a set of guiding policies for doing support work in, and in response to, the COVID-19 pandemic. You can access it here.

  • UK Mutual Aid FB group have been operating long before COVID-19. It is an intersectional support group for marginalised people in the UK.

  • Update from the Domestic Abuse sector: If you need to flee (or know anyone that does), then please contact National Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 2000 247 as usual who can assist on transport and safety planning.

  • SWARM Collective have put together a guide on how to support domestic abuse victims (without calling the police)

  • Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline is operating as normal

East Midlands

West Midlands



Northeast England

Northwest England

Southeast England

Southwest England

Scotland & Northern Ireland


Yorkshire and Humber

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