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Mutual Aid - Midwest USA

Updated: Nov 4


  • Cook County Jail Support - Mutual Aid for people being released from the jail, getting the support they need to get warm, get fed, get safe.

  • Pilsen Solidarity Network: Mutual aid in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, IL. Email:

  • Peoria Mutual Aid Network: We are a network of local activists pooling our resources and skills to help the most marginalized people in Peoria County survive the impacts of COVID 19. Check out our resources document, use this form to request aid, and click here to give aid. You can also call or text (815) 627-0716. “Hablamos espanol.”

  • Little Italy Mutual Aid: Help Us Deliver Groceries, Run Errands And Complete Pharmacy Pickups In Our Community.

  • Greater Bridgeport Mutual Aid: We are a collection of neighbors that help our neighbors through the COVID-19 crisis. If you’re seeking help, please fill out our aid request form. You can also text or call 312-818-1393 at any time. If you’d like to volunteer to help out, thanks! You can fill out the volunteer form.

  • Chicago Mutual Aid Volunteers: This list is being compiled to share with groups that are doing mutual aid work around COVID-19 in Chicago.

  • Brave Space Alliance: Brave Space Alliance will be operating a crisis food pantry for queer and trans folks on the south side of Chicago during the pandemic.

  • University of Chicago Mutual Aid: UChicago Mutual Aid is not an organization, but an open space to reach out for support and care within the UChicago community.

  • Rockford Mutual Aid Volunteers: This is for members of the Rockford community to offer skills, resources, supplies, space and time to community members who are affected by COVID – 19 and those most vulnerable among us. Facebook. Twitter.



  • Leoni Township Mutual Aid: Trying to help each other through these restrictions and the lack of availability of some items.

  • North West Michigan Mutual Aid: In times of crisis, the communities that survive are those where people look out for each other — mutual aid.

  • Antrim County: Antrim County, Michigan, USA mutual aid and agency coordination support group.

  • Kalamazoo: This list is being compiled by Kzoo Covid-19 Mutual Aid to share with groups that are doing mutual aid work around COVID-19 in Kalamazoo.

  • Grand Rapids Mutual Aid: Grand Rapids Area Mutual Aid Network is a hub for folks to share resources to keep each other safe and healthy. Facebook.

  • Huron Valley Mutual Aid: This group is for the purposes of sharing resources, needs, and info about mutual aid work that people are doing at this time.

  • Lansing Mutual Aid: Online hub for various resources.

  • The Mutual Aid Network of Ypsilanti: We believe that as a community we are stronger when we work together to help each other out. Our purpose is to help facilitate as much cooperation and aid as possible. Particularly focusing on the most impacted and marginalized members of our community.


  • Twin Cities Queer and Trans Mutual Aid: The idea behind this is to crowd source some mutual aid for queer/trans/nonbinary folks in the Twin Cities area, who are affected by Covid-19 or the current situation.

  • Twin Cities Mutual Aid: Add yourself to a list of people willing to help each other in case of quarantine or self isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. This information will be used to reach out of interested individuals willing to provide assistance if needed.

  • Flatten the Curve Rochester: We are gathering Community Resources and Info into this one spot for ease of access. We are in this together! Spread sheet.


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