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New classes coming in 2023!

We, the members of the Fire & Ice Teaching Collective, are happy to announce our new class offerings for 2023! We have a full schedule of classes planned for the year with registration now open for Intro to Nordic Paganism, Intro to the Elder Futhark, Intro to the Lore, and Intro to Nordic Magic & Mysticism all of which are starting in January 2023. You can register for these classes individually or for all classes offered in a Path series.

One Path we are especially proud to be offering is the Path of the Völur, one of the sacred roles in Fire & Ice ritual form, beginning in September 2023. This series of classes will provide students with the necessary preparation for pursuing an apprenticeship as a Nordic Seer with an experienced practitioner. If you are interested in this training please register for and complete all of our Intro Path and first two Seidr Path courses as these are all required prerequisites for Völur training.

For more information, please check out our class pages. You can register for January classes now at this Google form. Our 2023 offerings are just the beginning with more classes under development for offer in 2024.

We are looking forward to having you, sign up now while space is available!

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