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Taking Your Altar Work to the Next Level

by Gena Halsted, a Norse-ish Witch

I sat in a trance, with my hands on Odin’s altar, which I had arranged on my wooden rolltop desk. I felt the energy ripple through my arms and fill my body with joy. I grasped the wood, aware that there was something powerful occurring, that could be broken if I didn’t continue with the internal state that I created for myself. The red color in my vision parted like mist and I was pulled into another that only the Great King God of the Aesir could muster up for me. I saw myself with giant eagle wings in the clouds, dress draping downward as I extended myself towards the sky. Odin himself, shirtless and muscled, lower half covered by clouds, was gazing down at me with a golden crown of wings, in all his Wagner glory. My perspective flashed to being inside my body, staring at his giant face and shock of white hair. He continued to smile, and I smiled back. We gazed at each other and I observed swimming lights flow up and down his face, like electric residue on a holographic image. He kept grinning and I kept smiling back, experiencing the connection between us, forging an unearthly bond, joy exploding out of everywhere. Then the vision ended and in the blackness of my eyesight I saw a transparent red eagle flying toward me and I absorbed it into my mind. I opened my eyes, somewhat dumbfounded. The tremendous power that went through my body was unlike anything I have experienced in my life.

Connecting to God energy is a wonderful, powerful experience which usually unveils something spiritually profound and insightful about yourself. I wanted to share it with anyone who was interested in putting a little more magic into their altar experience, and I haven’t come across anything yet in informative literature that gives explicit instructions like I have had, however this particular blog just scratches the surface of working altars. There is plenty more to know, so I recommend researching them in addition to what I write as these are not traditional Norse methods.

The methods I am going to give to you come from an altar class I took at a local metaphysical shop called: Ritualcravt, in the Denver area. The instructor is an experienced hoodoo/conjure practitioner, so some of the information he gave us is hoodoo inspired, but obviously anyone with an altar may want to know more about it. I have been practicing these techniques and adapted them to working with the Gods.

First, some basics, then I will describe an exercise for you to practice:

· Altars act as a crossroads from the material world into to the spiritual world.

· They focus energies and spirits.

· They hold and release energy and can be described as a “battery.”

Essentially, the altars you create are the home of the deity you devote it to, and it serves as a connection. It also can transfer energy, and in my experience, can act as a telephone of sorts. I have whispered many a thing into my altar and I have received tangible confirmations that I was heard.

That is how powerful they can be…which brings me to warn you about couple things from my experience:

· What you put out there, comes back to you. That is my golden rule for dabbling in any kind of spirit-world work. I do not mess with hexes or curses because I strongly believe we receive energy like a boomerang, so if you concentrate on only positivity, you will get positivity.

· Like I said, your altars can become very powerful. The more you put into it, the more you place offerings, and the more you forge a connection with the deity or spirit, the more powerful the altar will become.

· Too much God energy can be overwhelming. I recommend trying to connect to the Gods infrequently and only when you have a specific question for them. Clear energy around your altar, often.

· A teacher in an utiseta class I took also mentioned that setting boundaries is important when doing this kind of work. Make it clear what they can and can’t do. For example, I have expressed to the spirit world that nothing is allowed to startle or threaten me. (I had like, one bad dream. lol)

My experiences have been positive, when using a working altar. It is truly magical, to discover their hidden power and understand just how involved the Gods and Goddesses are in our lives. So here is a very simple exercise that you can perform to connect with the deity on your altar, and receive messages:

1) Make sure that you have an element on your altar that represents wind, earth, fire, or water. I like to associate the elements with their respective gods, like burning frankincense on charcoal to represent air when I sit with Odin (the sky god). I also use candles a lot because they’re easy.

2) Sit in front of your altar and make your offering. Expressing gratitude for their presence helps too.

3) Ask your question.

4) Optional: Place your left hand, on the altar to receive. Place your right hand on the altar, to give. If your left hand is dominant, place your left hand first. (*Do it in this order. You don’t want to feel drained. In fact, if you have negative experiences just discontinue.)

5) Achieve a deep meditative/trance state and wait with openness to receive an answer.

That’s it! You may just have the experience of a lifetime, or awaken a few ancient hidden talents that exist within us all, but if you prefer a secular viewpoint there is also room for altar work.

Your altar space can be a source of personal peace and spiritual fulfillment. It can be a designated area for your rituals and practices, or a space where you can relax and practice meditation. Making your altar devotional to a God or Goddess will help serve you as a tool for growth in your life, if you use it as a place for making wishes and asking for things. Asking for things like abundance, highlights your awareness of them, therefore you will see abundance in your life in forms other than money, such as food or something that is expensive come to you for free, somehow.

Just a couple things to think about before I quit writing:

1) You may not receive answers every time you ask a question, so have patience. I have repeated my questions over the course of a few days.

2) It may take time to interpret what you saw, because the Gods can take many forms and their messages can take many forms.

3) Discover how you receive messages and learn about it, for example are you: clairsentient, clairvoyant, or clairaudient?

4) Sometimes you will receive confirmation in every-day life as a message, rather than in front of the altar. Example: I once asked Freya to give my friend confirmation of her existence because he was trying to connect with her. She did. He told me about how he saw her, and he still doesn’t know I asked her to go to him! She is RAD.

5) Many consider the being on the other side of the altar to be sentient, of sorts. Being respectful always helps. In my practice, I express gratitude for the experiences I have with them.

I hope that this helps to unlock some secrets of the Gods for you, and brings positivity and spiritual fulfillment into your life! Whether from a mystical or secular viewpoint, these practices have helped me along in my life path and I wanted to spread the magic of having a powerful connection with a deity via a working altar.


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