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The Evolution of a Rȳni-Maþr

Time, projects, and procrastination have reached an agreement and have allowed me to successfully complete an endeavor that is rather important to my all around growth. What is the endeavor? It is the task of shaping and manifesting my future spiritual growth through the next evolution of my maker's mark, or as I also refer to it my Path Rune. Since I've been on this path my mark has undergone five previous evolutions, or generations as I prefer to refer to them. Each new generation has evolved and adjusted to my growth and the lessons undergone.

In the first generation Path Rune you see a budding Runester delving into the lore and mysticism that the Runes hold, and in turn how new in the practice I was. An integral part of this is the reversed Raidho present. The reversed Raidho holds importance through multiple generations due to ever present shadow work, and breaking my own preconceived notions. In the second generation we can feel the honor and strength I've found in my ancestry and a culture that I'm part of, as well as confidence in my abilities. But we also see the need for balance, again with Raidho reminding us to keep digging and learning, serving as a reminder to myself to have patience and pursue my path when needed. We also see the inclusion of Thurisaz which at this time was reflective of myself learning guardian magic, and being the protector of those who couldn't do it themselves.

Then comes a big shift with the third and fourth generations. Now comes the inclusion of Othala, and we lose the standard Raidho in the third generation. This was a time when I needed to shift my focus to my home, and provide for my family in a non-traditional sense, and again that reversed Raidho is there helping me destroy and rebuild better behaviors, and patterns. The fourth generation points to a tumultuous turn of events because life was rather difficult and stressful as I lost a great many people that I once trusted. These turn of events allowed me to lean on the deities of old, and the Runes for help and comfort, and they provided me with just that; coupled with clear sight and new opportunities.

This brings us to the fifth generation, the one that if you have enjoyed my BindRunes and digital artwork you will have seen. This was the one I thought would last me most of my life, or even all of it. But alas I'm reminded of the saying, “Are you really growing, if things don't change?”. In the fifth generation we see balance. No longer do we see any reversed Runes, however we Runes that point to who I try to be as a being. This Rune has embodied myself as a father, husband, brother, teacher, friend, high priest, and Rȳni-Maþr(man of the Runes). All of which is echoed throughout the Path Rune.

So why change it? The easiest answer is because Ive changed. My belief system has evolved, and I'm continuing to evolve as a being. I've been called for a time to uncover the secrets in the ice so to speak. My elemental energy is that of the glaciers that have formed so much of this planet. I am of earth and ice and that is what led me to challenge how we view the Runes and uncover the divinity that we as a populace have afforded them. This belief change shows in the BindRune as well as other facets of my personal belief system. There are three sections, Albios-above, Bitus-middle, and Dumnos-below. These sections reference the Gaulish side of my praxis. You will also see the eye points which for me reference clear sight into the lands beyond, tying my Sidhe ancestry of the continental Celts to the Rune as well. The middle is the slow and patient side of the iceberg slowly being split and revealing new epiphanies and revelations when the time comes. The Isa in the middle serves as a blatant reminder to accept the responsibility that is patience, and in doing so focus on caring for myself as well. I will say however my favorite pieces of this new mark is seeing the road map of my journey being a Rȳni-Maþr, and how all the qualities i've worked so hard to foster and strengthen have taken on new roles and evolved in themselves. I also enjoy seeing the Web of Wyrd's influence (one of my favorite, albeit neo-pagan symbols) in it as well.

Below are the reference pictures for each evolution of my mark. The first through the fourth are in one picture, then the fifth, and lastly my new and now, sixth generation mark. I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into my Rune crafting and how it relates to my own being. Hail the Runes, Hail the Deities, Hail the energies and beings of the cosmos and nature alike, and Hail the Ancestor’s.


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