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Whose Rune is it anyway?

Ansuz is one of the two or three Runes attributed to Odin depending on one's personal practice. It is often attributed to Odin due to the kennings that it is the Rune of wisdom, but it is also given the meanings of the language of the Gods, the Rune of divine speech, poetry and the written word. One could make the connection that with the other kenning besides wisdom in play that Ansuz would be better suited to be attributed to Bragi, the God of poetry but even then it does not encompass the entirety of the Rune.

Personally when looking at the divine and how they could connect to “ownership” of Ansuz my mind goes to Loki initially. But why? I know, I know I can hear the collective “another Loki correlation” groan in the background, there is a good reason for it however. If we look at Loki as a God and not the chaotic agent of change that we know them as we see that they encompass many of the Runes attributes. Loki does possess immense wisdom and we see that wisdom in action as they set plans in motion, albeit headstrong at times but then backs it up with astounding charisma which can be classified as divine speech. Loki can also be considered a God of written word and poetry, again for their spoken vernacular as well as their ability to find loopholes, and the latter part of one of my favorite sayings; “To baffle with their bullshit.” All these give a very strong case for Ansuz to be contributed to Loki especially when we stop and realize how much of one's fire is needed for the passion and creative process of writing, speaking or singing. It's these attributes above that led me to the conclusion however that Ansuz doesn't have divine ownership, instead Ansuz has collected divine muses.

I am tempted to make the statement that Ansuz is the Rune of the ancient Skalds and Bards; of the modern poets, musicians, authors, and playwrights. That it belongs to those who weave the webs of stories, of myths and legends in such a way that it makes the being reading or listening feel as if they were there and lived the tale. When a song is so haunting it envelops you in a trance that is Ansuz being invoked; when a book keeps you physically enthralled for the entirety of the book and makes you thirst for more upon finishing, that is Ansuz. When poetry makes one cry, and contemplate their life and draw parallels as if that poem was written for them, that is Ansuz. That statement of ownership would still unfortunately be incorrect; Ansuz doesn't have a direct ownership or counterpart because there is no one being or force that can tie it down. Ansuz is as fluid as the words that make up our world through past, present, and future. If the Web of Wyrd is the Norns tapestry of fate, Ansuz is the Web of Wyrd of the archives of history and experiences.

Galdr, seiðr, and Volvä all hail the web that is the breath of word.

Where wisdom transcribed brings knowledge to all

and music elevates the beings involved.

History regails the tales of heroes lost,

Skalds renowned sing their praises

Poems to the Aesir abide in the halls

and echo through Vættir’s hills

Hymns roll through the tides to the seas

where they are brought forth before

Mighty Ran and peaceful Aegir.

Just as the sirens song,lures men to their death

so will the web, of Ansuz carry them to pass.

The Vanir call it the harvest when speaking to the grains,

of sweet spellsongs sang in abundance.

Calling the soil beneath to nourish roots

drawing water from rock below,

all is done with the weaving of

a new tapestry called Ansuz.

Whether singing for the harvest,

or fishermans bounty.

Whether political ramblings,

or heroes journeys.

Whether scripts of fantasies,

or the dramas of life.

One thing remains,

all is contained in the words of Ansuz.

Ansuz has a place in all aspects of life. Whether it's at work, in our praxis, or in speaking to one another. Ansuz is as much the Rune of art as Kenaz is and can be seen when a toddler writes their name; in every imperfect line and curve that small piece of writing is telling a story of how far that young being has come and how they'll continue to grow. Ansuz is seen in the winter as families gather and tell tales of days past so they may continue to remember into the future. When the next generation takes the reins and makes policies and endeavors to shape our world through their words that become actions that again is Ansuz. Ansuz is the Web of mankind, of our history and future. The cosmos are always connected, often in more ways than one. May Ansuz open your eyes to the connections around you.

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