The Way of Fire and Ice: The Living Tradition of Norse Paganism

The Way of Fire and Ice: The Living Tradition of Norse Paganism

Ryan Smith's official debut as a Pagan author, available on October 8th!  Check out Good Reads for pre-order information.


The Way of Fire and Ice reimagines and grounds Norse Paganism in today's world, focusing on the needs of modern practitioners. This book provides practical information on crafting ritual, developing personal mystical practices, and building sustainable community. Instead of being a guide to the reconstruction of ancient Norse religion, this material helps you participate in a modern revival that integrates Norse deities and beliefs with elements of neopagan practice.

Within these pages, you will find fascinating perspectives on Norse cosmology, the runes, and the nine worlds. You will learn all about the gods, ancestors, and spirits of place and the steps you can take to begin relationships with them. You will also discover ideas for celebrating holidays and special rites as well as tips for joining or starting your own group.

Norse Paganism makes a strong impact in the lives of its practitioners. Whether you want to improve your spiritual connection in the routine matters of daily life or want to work with bigger questions of purpose and meaning, the practical informational presented here will serve you on your journey

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