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Sophia Fate-Changer they/them

Author of The Language of Fire & Ice, a Beginners Guide to the Elder Futhark, Sophia has been a practitioner of Norse Paganism for 20 years, and has dedicated much of that time cultivating radically inclusive /  anti-racist Heathen practice alongside Ryan Smith. They are published in Pagan Consent Culture, an anthology that includes their essay on consent within Heathenry, a founding member of Between the Veils (BTV), and work a full-time artist specializing in Heathen sigil design and creating sacred objects for pagan practitioners. Sophia has volunteered time to developing progressive community agreements for BTV, Hexenfest, and has advised in other smaller projects. Identifying as a mixed person of color, nonbinary, and a Runewalker, they strive to make their classes and teaching accessible to all. 

Current and Upcoming Classes

Intro to the Elder Futhark, Mondays at 10AM PST and 6PM PST beginning February 5th, 2024
Modern Norse Pagan Sigil Magic Workshop, Friday, February 9th at 10AM PST

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