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Apprenticeship Training in Fire & Ice Heathenry

On Black Wings is proud to offer dedicated, intensive apprenticeship training for anyone interested in deepening their practice, taking on a greater role in our community, and helping build inclusive, radical Heathen spirituality.  We provide training for people who are interested in stepping into the sacred roles of Goðar, the ritualists and facilitators of gatherings, Völur, the seers and mystics, and Skald, the storytellers, poets, and lorekeepers.  More information on these roles can be found in Chapter Four of The Way of Fire & Ice.

Anyone interested in applying for apprenticeship training must have already or be on track to complete all three classes of the Core Path and at least three classes from one other path, such as Seiðr, Runelore, or Lore Study by January 2025.

Applications for our next offering of apprenticeship training will open in September 2024. 

​If you have any questions, please reach out to

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