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Rune Path

Rune and Sigil classes are for anyone who has an interest in the powerful alphabets and symbology used in Norse Paganism. Both classes provide historical context to inform how you, as a modern practitioner can apply the ancient teachings of these magical tools into your modern practice.

Intro to the Elder Futhark

Intro to the Runes is designed to appeal to both aspiring practitioners, and those who are seasoned. Whether you're starting from scratch, or you're searching for the deep dive you've always craved, this class will give you knowledge to take your connection to the runes to a higher level. Learn about their history, how to apply them in magic, how to strengthen your divination abilities by using them in your day-to-day life, and through weekly meditations throughout the course.

Prerequisites: None

Class dates: Mondays beginning on February 5th and finishing on February 26th with two sections at 10AM PST and 6PM PST

Teacher: Sophia Fate-Changer

The Younger Futhark

The Younger Futhark class provides students with an in-depth introduction to the runes used in the Viking Age Nordic World.   In this class, you will learn about their origins, meanings, and use in divination, magic, and meditation.  These learnings will be supplemented with in-class exercises and meditations.

Prerequisites: Intro to the Elder Futhark

Class dates: Tuesdays, March 19th to April 23rd at 11AM PST and Thursdays, March 21st to April 25th at 5PM PST

Teacher: Ryan Smith

Register here using this form by March 17th!

Advanced Elder Futhark

This class will dive into each individual rune of the Elder Futhark and pick apart their meanings by looking at their associated rune poems and other lore. Each rune has a historical meaning, but we will discuss how each rune can be applied to a modern practice with magic, divination, and as an ethical value.

Prerequisites: Intro to the Elder Futhark

Class dates: Mondays at 7PM PST from March 6th, to March 27th

Prerequisites: Intro to the Elder Futhark

Class dates: Mondays at 10AM and 6PM PST, March 18th to April 8th

Teacher: Sophia Fate-Changer

Register here using this form by March 16th!

Rune Magic

In Rune Magic we will do an in depth analysis of historical references to Runes being used specifically for magical purposes. Some basic foundational magic staples for application will be discussed, as well as the nature of historical folk magic that was used practically in daily life that can be applied to your modern practice. This course will inspire participants to incorporate the runes into their everyday lives both intentionally and effortlessly.

Prerequisites: Intro to the Elder Futhark, Advanced Elder Futhark

Class dates: TBD

Teacher: Sophia Fate-Changer

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