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Workshops are single-session intensives on specific topics.  They provide practitioners with concise instruction in the core concepts behind many different disciplines and concepts in modern Heathen practice.

Modern Norse Pagan Sigil Magic

Intro to Inclusive Spirituality

Do you ever look at old symbols and wonder how the heck the folks who designed them came up with the designs they did? Do you ever wish you could find the ancient symbol that reflects your modern needs? In this class on Norse Pagan sigil magic, participants will learn the history behind different types of ancient Heathen symbolism, and use their new-found knowledge to break out into teams to practice creating new symbols.


Prerequisites: None, although Intro to the Runes is encouraged.

Class dates: TBD

​Teacher: Sophia Fate-Changer

Inclusivity is a term we hear often in modern Heathen & Pagan spaces, usually as a shorthand for not engaging in exclusionary or bigoted practices. In this workshop, we're going to discuss what that means in practice, tackle the challenges associated with building Inclusive community, & confront some misconceptions on inclusivity.


Prerequisites: None

Class dates: TBD

Teacher: Ryan Smith

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