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Workshops are single-session intensives on specific topics.  They provide practitioners with concise instruction in the core concepts behind many different disciplines and concepts in modern Heathen practice.

Plant, Grow, Harvest, Rest

Truth!  Justice!  And the XaMeRiCanX Way!

Explore, Identify, and Align with Rune Wisdoms.  In a semi-altered/liminal space, we will explore the Rune(s) pulled and identify how they are currently showing up in our lives.  These explorations can help us gain better relationships with the Runes and deepen our interaction with the great cycle.


Prerequisites: None

Class dates: Wednesday, March 20th, 2024 at 7PM PST

​Teacher: Kenn Edwards

Register here by March 17th!

Allow Teiwaz/Tiwaz/Tyr to help find your truths and live more in alignment.  We will explore this Rune and its meanings.  We will encounter exercises and some liminal spaces to help you uncover and identify your truths and beliefs to use as a compass to guide your decisions.


Prerequisites: None, although Intro to the Runes is encouraged.

Class dates: Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024 at 7PM PST

​Teacher: Kenn Edwards

Register here by April 1st!

Modern Norse Pagan Sigil Magic

Intro to Inclusive Spirituality

Do you ever look at old symbols and wonder how the heck the folks who designed them came up with the designs they did? Do you ever wish you could find the ancient symbol that reflects your modern needs? In this class on Norse Pagan sigil magic, participants will learn the history behind different types of ancient Heathen symbolism, and use their new-found knowledge to break out into teams to practice creating new symbols.


Prerequisites: None, although Intro to the Runes is encouraged.

Class dates: Friday, February 9th at 10AM PST

​Teacher: Sophia Fate-Changer

Inclusivity is a term we hear often in modern Heathen & Pagan spaces, usually as a shorthand for not engaging in exclusionary or bigoted practices. In this workshop, we're going to discuss what that means in practice, tackle the challenges associated with building Inclusive community, & confront some misconceptions on inclusivity.


Prerequisites: None

Class dates: TBD

Teacher: Ryan Smith

Queering the Runes

The Elder Futhark create a beautiful system of divination, though finding good information about them can be difficult - especially for queer, progressive, modern heathens and witches. Norse mythology includes an incredible diversity of gender and sexual expression, but this has been largely excluded from books published on contemporary heathenry or runic divination. Even worse, the runes have been wrongfully co-opted by white supremacists and heathens have to actively fight against this stereotype of the rune reader. In recent years, rune readers have been reclaiming the feminine side of the runes, bringing nuance to the craft. In this talk, Siri will explore the queer qualities of the runes through understanding pre-Christian Nordic gender concepts, translating that through a simulation and simulacra, and carving from this root culture a modern future-facing divination system


Prerequisites: None

Class date: Thursday, June 13th at 5PM PST

Teacher: Siri Vincent Plouff

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