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On Black Wings the official outlet for the Fellowship of Fire & Ice, a spiritual organization dedicated to the teaching of Fire & Ice Heathenry.  The Fellowship is guided by our Statement of Purpose and our Nine Principles of Unity, which are detailed below.  The site was originally founded in 2019 by The Way of Fire & Ice author Ryan Smith to better provide information, commentary, and a point of contact for Fire & Ice practice.  It became the Fellowship's official outlet in 2024.

Statement of Purpose

The Fellowship of Fire and Ice (FoFI) is a freely associating community of radically inclusive Norse & Germanic Pagans, a movement also commonly known as Heathenry.  The Fellowship is dedicated to supporting the teaching of Fire & Ice spirituality, providing the necessary resources for establishing and sustaining local and regional Fire & Ice communities worldwide, supporting the growth of inclusive Heathen and Pagan practice, and fostering free & mutually equitable relationships with the Powers of Yggdrasil, who are all of the historically attested Nordic & Germanic Gods, the animistic beings of Nordic myth and the world around us, and the honored dead.


The Fellowship of Fire & Ice draws our spiritual inspiration from the myths, practices, and ideas of all cultures that historically engaged with the Powers of Yggdrasil which includes but is not limited to the Nordic peoples of Scandinavia and Iceland, the Anglo-Saxon and Norse Gael peoples of the British Isles, the Germanic-speaking peoples of continental Europe, and the modern practices that are inspired by them. As such, the Fellowship of Fire & Ice upholds an animistic & polytheistic worldview where the unifying force known as Wyrd ties us all together and all Powers are sustained by the life-giving World Tree which is best known as Yggdrasil.


We welcome all who are interested in Fire & Ice spirituality who agree with our principles of unity.


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