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Kara Unndis she/her

Kara Unndis is a heathen, oracle, animist, and Reclaiming witch. She was born, raised, and lives on the tribal lands of the Haudenosaunee, Osage, Shawnee, and Lenape along the three rivers that thread their way through Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her magic is rooted in runes, sigils, sounds, silence, spirits, plants, foods, and fibers. She is a licensed professional counselor and clinical supervisor by trade, and her calling is to be a facilitator of healing and a warrior for the rights and well-being of all peoples. Ravensong has been teaching and facilitating in various local pagan communities (Spiritways CUUPS, Reclaiming Pittsburgh, Spiralheart Witchcamp) for 20 years and is grateful to be a part of the Fire and Ice teaching collective.

Current and Upcoming Classes

Intro to Nordic Magic & Mysticism, Wednesdays at 6PM PST from June 4th to July 10th

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