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Siri Vincent Plouff they/she

Siri Vincent Plouff is a Nordic witch, writer, and teacher. They are a professional rune and tarot reader, and are the host of the Heathen's Journey Podcast. Their podcast is dedicated to creating space to learn about heathenry from an antiracist, queer perspective. Siri also teaches a wide variety of classes frequently - from classes about witchcraft, to classes on runes. Their two signature courses are the Witchcraft Immersion and Radical Runes. For more information about when these classes will run and any current offerings, please visit Siri's website at In their free time, Siri devours fiction, hangs out with their cats and spouse, and obsessively listens to podcasts.

Current and Upcoming Classes

Queering the Runes Workshop on June 16th at 5PM PST

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