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Mutual Aid -  California

Northern California:

  • Cooperation Humboldt: A volunteer program to run errands and deliver food / supplies to those self-isolating, make DIY masks and hand sanitizer/cleaning solutions, and coordinate computer/tablet donations for those working/schooling from home. We just launched a mental health team and a policy/advocacy team. We’re also working with numerous other community organizations and one local government (the Wiyot Tribe), so far, in a coalition to coordinate our responses and form a cohesive front. Facebook. Instagram.

  • Pandemic Solidarity Support: Chico mutual aid coordination.

  • North Valley Mutual Aid: Mutual Aid organization in Chico, California. Spread sheet.

Central California:

North Bay:

  • Good Fairy Marin County: Where volunteers connect to neighbors who need support, especially those sheltering in place in Marin. Good Fairies are working to provide caring, friendly help with the practical and emotional challenges of life.

  • Mask Sonoma: Emergency supply & coordination of N95 masks to houseless and underserved in times of air quality crisis. All volunteer.

  • Sonoma and Marin County Mutual Aid Network: Covid-19 Sonoma & Marin County Mutual Aid 2020 is a place where everyday people can get grounded and find things and resources familiar to them. Group members can see and engage in familiar activities on a daily basis that feels comfortable to them.

San Francisco:

  • San Francisco Neighbors Solidarity Network: Bringing free groceries + supplies (hand sanitizer, gloves, mask) to our elders & vulnerable neighbors throughout the City every week.

  • SF Community Support: We are a grass-roots effort coordinating safe actions to meet the most pressing needs in our neighborhoods. Facebook.

  • SF Bay Area Mutual Aid: The idea behind this is to crowd source some mutual aid for folks in the SF Bay Area, who are affected by Covid-19 or the current situation.

  • Bay Area Senior/Disability/Worker Mutual Aid: In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, communities most affected are coming together to support each other. Senior and Disability Action, Bay Resistance, and a variety of community organizations and labor unions are working to identify and meet the needs of seniors, people with disabilities and health conditions, and workers who are at risk in this moment.

  • Bay Area Mutual Aid Support – Care Kits: We will be preparing care kits to distribute to the most vulnerable. We’d like to support local people with economic instability by paying you to make healthy, vegan and low waste food. We can pay you for supplies and a little bit of labor with the donations we are receiving. You would have to make/package/label the food. We organize the pick up/drop off. Donate here.

East Bay:

South Bay:

  • South Bay Area Mutual Aid: We are coordinating food and supply drop offs to people’s front doors during the COVID-19 quarantine.

  • Santa Cruz County Aid: Please fill out this form if you live in Santa Cruz County and have specific needs due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Also use this form to indicate that you can help provide for the needs of other people. Donate here.

  • Monterey Peninsula Aid: Please fill out this form if you live on the Monterey Peninsula and have specific needs due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Also use this form to indicate that you can help provide for the needs of other people.

Southern California

  • High Desert Mutual Aid: A group of community members dedicate to helping one another through this pandemic. Facebook.

  • Antelope Valley Mutual Aid: Comprised of AV residents interested in flattening the curve, limiting exposure, harm reduction, caring for the sick, and supporting those facing financial and any other hardship because of the COVID19 pandemic. Spread sheet.

  • Ventura County Mutual Aid: As always in times of crisis, it’s clear that bosses, landlords and power brokers in government will choose profits over people every time. As socialists, we recognize that solidarity is the only thing that can save us. We’re collecting resources and organizing mutual aid in our neighborhoods to help everyone get through this difficult time.

  • Los Angeles Mutual Aid: Ground Game LA is an all-volunteer grassroots group operating in Los Angeles, connected with multiple coalition partners throughout LA. Mutual aid resources and links.

  • Mutual Aid Los Angeles Fundraiser: Mutual Aid Action Los Angeles (M.A.A.L.A.) would like your support to continue our work and keep growing. We are committed to providing a wide range of services and support to anyone who comes through our doors and beyond. We practice Mutual Aid to live our solidarity.

  • Los Angeles Mutual Aid Fund: Providing mutual aid to communities in need of supplies such as drinks, food, sanitary products, clothing, and other things needed. We feel it’s up to us to provide for our communities and we must come together in solidarity in times of crisis. Any amount of donations will help and we thank you for your support!

  • Long Beach Mutual Aid: Spread sheet for mutual aid resources in the Long Beach, California area.

  • Pomona Mutual Aid: Pomona Mutual Aid Network is a collective of community organizers, teachers, students, youth, and workers coming together to support those most vulnerable during the COVID-19 health crisis. The working class and poor face the gravest challenges during this time. We can provide support for food or supply drop-off, transportation, monetary assistance, mental health, and navigating social services. The Pomona Mutual Aid Network comes from a long tradition of solidarity, not charity. Intake form.

  • Mutual Aid San Diego: We will be sharing this list with trusted groups doing mutual aid in San Diego, county-wide, who are organizing mutual aid. We will not use or share the info you provide for any other purpose.

  • San Diego Mutual Aid Resources (DSA): Hub for DSA mutual aid initiatives.

  • DSA San Diego Libertarian Socialist Caucus COVID-19 Mutual Aid Grocery Run: Sign up to be a shopper or for shopping support.

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