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Christie "Foxnose" Schaefer, Treasurer (she/they)

Christie has always been something of an unaffiliated searcher and questioner. The journey to Norse Paganism/Animism has been full of twists and turns, but she finally feels like she has arrived in the proper space. Likewise, it took them a minute to find this organization, and to scope it out after a few yikesy experiences with some other groups, before deciding to join and help to build it. Her hope is to further the cause of Fire and Ice heathenry, and she will work hard to do so. They firmly believe that community is crucial to our well-being, and building it in a way which will carry forward is an exciting prospect.

Christie has acted as treasurer for a previous nonprofit. She holds that transparency and immaculate record keeping are not only the best legal practices, but are especially important when dealing in realms of spirituality or belief systems. Their oath to Fire and Ice members is to keep an open-door for questions or concerns, and welcomes input and ideas from members.

Their favorite dinosaur is the diplodocus. Christie’s favorite rune is Gebo.

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