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Sophia Fate-Changer, Vice Chair of the Provisional Governing Board and Chair of the Council on Education & Teaching (they/them)

Sophia has been a practicing Heathen for over twenty years, and is the co-founder of Fire & Ice alongside Ryan Smith. Prior to the formation of Fire & Ice, Sophia was also involved in the creation of HUAR, and practiced at a local level in the Bay Area with Golden Gate Kindred, where many of the ritualistic traditions of Fire & Ice were born. Sophia authored the tiny ‘zine sized book called The Language of Fire & Ice, and developed the Rune Path offered by Fire & Ice. They have worked on other community organizing projects such as Between the Veils, both as founding president and a board member at large, on the finance committee, BIPOC Committee, and many other areas of the nonprofit. They have also contributed to the “Pagan Consent Culture” anthology with an essay called “Consent Within Heathenry,” and are quoted throughout “Spinning Wyrd” by Ryan Smith. They are a mother, a wife, and a queer mixed person of color with a deep passion for justice.


Sophia is oathed to Odin and Loki, but also has foundational relationships with Freyja & Freyr. They identify as a Runewalker, a folk magic practitioner, and a bog witch. They own their own business creating sacred jewelry, and ceremonial items of the Norse Pagan variety.

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