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My God My God

O my god

Oh my god

Thank you for hiding with me

The other one wasn’t here

He wasn’t

When he said he’d be

But you were

All of you were

And it meant so much that day

Thor announced the intruder

An AK thundered on its way

Tyr promised me

They’d find me

And showed me where to hide

Loki cut the lights

And kept the man confused inside

Frigg screamed Valkyries

To bring doom upon his head

Odin brought me comfort

When Thoughts were too much

And I closed my eyes for Memory instead

Hel embraced my body

Welcomed me close to her

“I’m sorry, dear,” she whispered

It’s all that I could hear

“No more fighting, no more war..”

I had questions to ask her.

I asked about my mommy

And daddy

And littlest sister

“They’ll miss you,” she said quietly.

And kissed me on the head.

Thank you for hiding with me

Please. Hold my family now I’m dead.

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