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Odin's Song

Did satisfaction keep you warm

As you hung, old man?

Arranger of all

Tasting the grin victory

Of death before death

Did you sup

On depressive poetry

As you saw the tunes

Knowing you'd done it?

Did you hang with

Your spear in your hand

Dedicating yourself

To yourself

And knowing

No one else would get

The satisfaction

Of killing you

For the first time

What's it like to die, wise one?

What's it like to choose to say goodbye?

When Yggdrasil’s arms

Supported your throat

A threat and embrace

AR once

Did you find poetry?

Or feel it?

What did you see,


What did you see?

A poem to set you free?

Whose name hung with you

Caught in your throat when it snapped?

We're Memory and Thought

Carrion birds

To your corpse?

Did you have to die?

Or did you want to?

Was ever there such a thing

As a sane poet?

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