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Please Welcome our newest author: Lias Austrmaðr

Liagis Austrmaðr is the Author of “I Have a Book for that!” a guidebook on the Elder Futhark and its sequel coming at the end of the year, “I Have a Rune for That!” a curated guide book with all three Runic systems inside. He, and his sister have also created the brand Moons and Runes, a community focused on learning, support and frith, in all aspects of esoterics, and in an anti-fasc space. Liagis is also a published photographer, and artist in the works and commissions that he designs with bindrunes, ogham and sigil work. Liagis has been a practicing heathen for just over three years, and is a forever student, and in reverence of the Runes, and what they entail. He has taught classes, made his versions of the rune poems, has created multiple styles and versions of the Elder Futhark, as well as epithets for numerous deities and entities, and thrives on helping people with making custom bind runes which is the inspiration for the book title, “I Have a Rune for That!”.

I am thankful to be part of what we're doing here at On Black Wings, thanks for having me, and reading my works; May the Runes be with you!

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