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Raidho-The Journey Continues

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

1.Roving, Riding Right through dark nott. On to bright Sols warm sun kissed shore. Lessons leeched forth lifting the mind, the body, the spirit. Change has hit thee. 2.Change cancels peace but courts new Growth. Just now dagr churns; turns into nott. So we shall chance. To know struggle, to court failure to fight, to risk. 3.To birth blessings and bring forth joy. On this forked, long and forlorn road. Weary and weak, wisdom questioned. Where dost now go? No clear sight here. 4. Here is the time. Trust in the Gods. The Runes sent now; the hearth abounds. Rune of Raidho remove ones doubt, light the way on from dense to wise. 5. Wyrds web shimmers. Which thread beckons? Go forth, follow take flight, take risk. This journey, this life is far from being yet conquered. Find yonder path. Since we have last held frith it has been challenge after challenge, and new stressors everyday. From creating content, to selling as a vendor, presenting at a conference and trying to continue work on Liagos Runatis while balancing being the best Father and teacher I can be alongside taking two new courses you can say time has not been my friend. You could also say I have poor time management skills and stretch myself too thin. And you would be correct. But in taking those risks and seizing the opportunities presented to me I have discovered new skills, made new contacts and brought more people into our space of inclusivity, and for me that's time well spent. I'm modeling to my children what's possible when you seize the things that come your way. I often say the phrase, "You don't know if you don't try". Or, "The worst they'll say is no." and this rings true for me even in this time of self brought on adversity. In my eyes if I wasn't able to accomplish these tasks they wouldn't have been set before me. It's a reminder to trust the process of the universe and just keep swimming and that's what Raidho has revealed to me. For however long, Raidho has been labeled as the safety amongst travelers Rune, or the vehicle of transportation protection Rune, and while yes it may be used for that, its true energy is much deeper. It is by no coincidence that the writing of this article is near the timing of Hels feast or Samhain depending on your festivities. When the veil thins many of us go through additional spiritual "awakenings." We are oftentimes left vulnerable and ungrounded, this is a time when many of us need the guarantee of a safe journey the most: The journey into ourselves, our path, and what lies ahead. That is the true Raidho, a beacon in the night of our weakest moments to help guide us in all planes and to keep us safe as we keep moving forward. Just as the great cowboys and shepherds tending the animals and keeping them safe even in the harshest of conditions, Raidho is there to show you, "Just keep swimming, Your Journey Continues. " -Liagis

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