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Ryan Smith  he/they

Ryan Smith has been a practicing Pagan since his teens with over fifteen years of experience in inclusive and anti-racist Heathen spirituality.  He is the author of The Way of Fire & Ice: The Living Tradition of Norse Paganism and Spinning Wyrd: A Journey Through the Nordic Mysteries, has contributed to Bringing Race to the Table: Exploring Racism in the Pagan Community and No Pasaran: Antifascist Dispatches from a World in Crisis anthologies, and been published at Huginn's Heathen Hof, Patheos Pagans, and Truthout.  Ryan is also the host and producer of the Heathen podcast, the Wayward Wanderer, which is available at wherever you get your podcasts.  He has a PhD in modern economic & social history and can be found online at Facebook, Mastodon, and Instagram.

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