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Frozen Tears

Updated: Feb 1

Did you watch your tears

sink into the sea?

Drops of ocean thawing

From their mountain Queen?

Did you hear the gulls

Screeching their bold songs

And hear a parody

Of where you belonged?

Of whistling peaks

And bright blinding snow?

The wolves deep inside you

Were ready to go.

How did you grieve it

Your father and life

Your home and your passions

To be a new wife?

Nobody told me

To bottle the tears

The ocean in mountains

I used to hold dear.

Did you find your re-

flection? Stranger's eyes?

Did you think about dying?

Not worth to survive.

What kept you going?

How'd you get back home?

Wayfind me, princess.

I'm so god damn alone.

You found yourself new

Back home in your hills

I don't want to leave though

Fuck. What a thrill!

To realize the sea

The mountains, the lows

They aren't my home now

You already know.

Home is the howling

The seagulls, the tears

Home is wherever

I treasure my years.

Lady, how'd you know?

When it was time to go?

I don't think

I'm ready yet.

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