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Introducing the Provisional Governing Board for the Fellowship of Fire & Ice

Last summer the leadership of the Fire & Ice community announced our goal of organizing ourselves as a formal religious organization, with non-profit status, so we can more effectively support the members of our growing spiritual community, better manage our resources, and provide our members with the means to effectively meet the challenges of the world around us.  We are pleased to announce we have taken a major step forward in this process and have convened a provisional governing board to serve as the executive board for the growing Fellowship of Fire & Ice.

The members of this new Provisional Board are:

·         Ryan Smith, Chair of the Provisional Governing Board

·         Sophia Fate-Changer, Vice-Chair of the Provisional Governing Board and Chair of the Council on Education and Teaching

·         Travis Wells, Secretary and Chair of the Hospitality Council

·         Christie “Foxnose” Schaefer, Treasurer

·         Lilith Ward, Chair of the Ritual Collective

Further information can be found here at On Black Wings, the official outlet of the Fellowship of Fire & Ice.

Our next major objectives include organizing our first-ever Althing, the directly democratic body consisting of all members in good standing who will set Fellowship policy and elect all Fellowship officers, establishing our legal non-profit status, developing a clear proposal on what is necessary to be a member in good standing of the Fellowship, and recruiting the additional board members needed to accomplish these tasks by taking the lead on vital community functions such as coordinating our media outlets, organizing community safety, developing our community’s economic resources to better support our members’ material well-being, and building a program for the eventual ownership of land and worship spaces.

We are very excited for what the future holds, what this community has accomplished so far, and the next steps in this long journey. 

In Solidarity and Frith,

The Provisional Governing Board

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The recent situation with Diana Paxson and the Troth as reported by the Wild Hunt mentions 'new' information provided by Fellowship of Fire & Ice. Since the children involved have grown and stated that Diana was not involved in their abuse, I thought the issue was resolved. What is this new evidence? Where can I read it?




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