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Victory Over Fascism

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

There is no doubt the world is entering very dangerous times. The COVID-19 plague rages unabated in many corners of the world, climate change is moving more rapidly than ever, record numbers of people are going hungry and homeless, and the United States is careening recklessly towards an autocratic takeover. These are the times that try us all, threatening all that we hold dear.

All we know of Norse Pagan and Heathen practice requires that we take action. Everything from the examples of the heroes of saga and song to the Aesir boldly charging to certain doom at Ragnarok leaves no doubt the dangers of our times must be confronted directly and decisively. They also urge that in doing so we apply our wisdom, discretion, and skill to strike in the most effective way possible.

The most tangible of these dangers for me and those living in the United States is the advance of a particularly American brand of fascism which has come, to quote Sinclair Lewis, "wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross." Whether they wave Confederate flags, carve swastikas in their flesh, or demand submission under the watchful eye of their especially vicious God all are marching for a society with no room for anything they disdain or label as degenerate. Even fascists who cloak themselves in Pagan symbols will not be spared from their allies' long-planned purge.

In this spirit, I call on all Norse Pagans and Heathens facing this growing terror to take action. On October 25th, 2020, nine days before Election Day 2020, I will be leading a group of practitioners in an online Sigrblot to Odin, Freya, and Loki for victory over fascism in America. As many familiar with the lore can tell you, a sigrblot is always done to rally the favor of the Powers by warriors on the eve of battle or the day of setting sail. You may join us, through our Facebook group or Discord server, or hold your own blot for anti-fascist victory on October 25th.

Just as was true in ancient days, this sigrblot must be followed by action. I ask all who participate or support this work to spend the nine days following giving offerings, conducting workings, and engaging in necessary political work whether that is the labor of electioneering, preparing for and participating in direct actions like the People's Strike, or whatever other deeds you feel will best contribute to bringing down the fascist menace. All who join in this struggle must do so knowing that while battle will be joined on November 3rd, this clash may not be resolved for weeks, months, or even years from now.

This does not matter. Fascism's vicious advance must be thwarted. The vile, cowardly deeds of its servants are indisputable. Their threat of imminent harm is utterly intolerable. No matter how long this battle must be fought we will carry on until the day comes when we bury them in the ash-heap of a dying world, leaving us free for building a new, green and golden one in the possibility that follows.

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