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Journey through the Runic Cosmos; The Embodiment of Fehu, Fé, and Feoh

Updated: May 24, 2023

In our first adventure into what I am now referring to as my initiation into the Runic Cosmos, and in turn the ending of my introductory season of Fehu. With this initiation I have made it my goal to try and put a face so to speak on each Rune’s energies and characteristics. I've felt called to walk this path out in this way and have been encouraged by friends and colleagues. There is no better time to delve deeper for the Full Moon is in Taurus! So come join me and lets delve into our first Rune, Fehu.

Prior to this ritual I tried to censor myself by not studying and reading more on Fehu and its other counterparts for the sake of being completely open and unbiased to what messages and depictions I would be shown tonight. With that there was a caveat; I'm constantly in groups and forums and around sources that bring forward new ideal’s every day and one I was thoroughly intrigued by was the etymological changes from the time of the Elder Futhark to when the Early English Futhorc was in use. Fehu as we know in the Elder Futhark holds the meaning of the wealth of owning property and livestock, then when we get to the Younger Futhark where Fé is introduced and the meaning changes to mean both wealth in property, as well as moveable property such as coins, gold and silver. Then we get to the Early English Futhark where the name changes to Feoh and the meaning completes the cycle of change concerning material and moveable wealth.

What's intrigued me with these changes is that Fehu is normally considered to be aligned with the astrological sign Taurus due to its literal translation to cattle, and some with the point of view that align it with the primordial space cow Adumblha; but with the etymological changes that we see through the ages and Futharks mentioned I actually liken it to the astrological sign of Libra. Why Libra? For me the most obvious connection is how Fehu changs to Fé and toes the line between material wealth and property wealth bringing to the mind's eye the premise of equal value. That is the idea that a pound of gold is worth, for example say five chicken, bringing a balance between the two types of wealth, as well as being the middle ground between all three forms of Fehu which in turn brings the thought of the scales of Libra to the forefront. The scales instead being for the equal value of wealth and its varying types instead of justice.

Onto the fun part, the Ritual. Done on a full moon like always, my free time comes at night, and I love just basking in that glorious moonlight after a heavy ritual. For the ritual I grabbed each of the corresponding Fehu, Fé, and Feoh Runes and gathered them in my altar cup paired with citrine, amethyst, tigers eye, and petrified wood, then poured water from the last full moon ritual over them and sprinkled my Witches Spice 3.0 on top of the waters surface. I then set up the rest of the space. I placed the cup on my Rune burned altar plate in between my Palo Santo on one side and Dragon Blood Sage on the other, and my incense at the top of the plate. To finish the setup I made a crystal arrangement that was completed on either side by two ritual lamps. I then cleared my space making it anew for the night’s ritual and open to messages and the visitor we were seeking to convene with. After that was completed I then reached out to the elements and beings of the land and to the Runes of Fehu to come forward, I then thanked them for their presence and then began my Uti Seta. After reaching my trance state I felt pulled back to my space, but instead of “waking up” I was coherent but in trance and I began writing and drawing Runes and sequences in one of my many journals. The creation process was my Uti Seta and it was there that the Lady Fehu revealed their visage to me.

First let's build the foundation of the kenning that will bring our Lady Fehu to life in the mind's eye. The Runes that came through are as follows, Thurisaz, Algiz, Fehu-of course, Kenaz, Isa, Hagalaz, and Gebo. So with Thurisaz it brings images of Thor, of storms and nature and of thorns and giants. Algiz conjures the sight of the many Gods and Goddesses standing before us ready to bless us with the tools we need and forming a shield wall to keep us safe. Fehu of course brings up Grain, and cattle, land as far as the eye can see; as well as immeasurable wealth in the form of gold or objects, but also of great healing and reverence due to its correspondences with the established Goddesses Frigg and Freya. Kenaz, my favorite Rune, is reminiscent of fire, its hunger and the change it brings about, of creativity and inspiration, then its icy counterpart Isa bringing the patience and stillness needed to weigh out the outcomes of actions. Then to Hagalaz the Rune of destruction and abrupt change followed by Gebo the Rune of balance, gifts and compromise.

Time to play Rune detective. How can we relate these Runes to Fehu as a being and their attributes? How do we get rich crops for the cattle to feed on and keep the cycle going? Through storms and changes of the season, from the fiery heat of summer to the icy chill of winter where everything goes dormant and then bursts to life in spring. Through Fehu we see the growing of one's herd and how we can grow wealth and bring prosperity to our community and people. Kenaz is how one's greed can cause your wealth to disappear, or how holding onto wealth without sharing can also cause one's demise. Isa echoes this through the stillness of inaction can also lead to loss of wealth, property or stature. Hagalaz reminds us of how fast the scales can tip and in turn change our entire life in an instant, that it’s best to live life in the now as much as possible and to share our good things whatever they may be with the world; which then ties us into Gebo reminding us that all things in life must have balance. This in turn brings back into the forefront the image of the scales and equal wealth value.

Taking inspirations from these Runes and how they correspond to Fehu and what they represent I continued to embark in my trance state and let my pens ink flow upon the paper before me, leading me what was to become of the kennings, and of divine energy inspiring and leading; all of which led me to a serenely beautiful scene, which I will do my utmost to describe.

First i was faced with a giant overwhelming cliffside with varying types of stones from the varying planetaries cycles, separated by veins of gold and silver with the glittering flecks of iron ore shining in the bright sunlight from the clear sky above which in turn illuminated the rolling grain on the hillside beyond the cliff with a crystal clear creek flowing through the scene and ending at the cliffside falling down to land of dark, nutrient rich soil. After taking the time to take all this in I saw a woman sitting on a jutting stone at the base of the cliffside with hands in her lap. I then braved the tension and stepped forward and began to observe the Lady in her entirety. Starting with the crown of her head; She had dark, thick rolling hair only disturbed by two horns akin to that of a small longhorn bull, under that was a forehead wrinkled with age and wisdom and two golden almost amber eyes. The rest of her face showed a thin wiry smile that was furrowed with lines from both great joy, and sorrow, but with caring as well. Leaving her face I see that she's enclosed in dulled golden robes with a thick trim seen inside the flaps of her robes. My eyes then took notice of her hands, calloused and stern, but with a demeanor of that of a mother’s. At this point the woman stood and i was able to take in her full presence. She was heavier, and bolder in stature, proud. Full of honor , discipline, and love. It was clear to me that she loves for the realms and the cycles it goes through as much as the Goddesses and Gods of renown. She made eye contact with me as I took in all of the awe striking feelings and epiphanies galloping through my mind. Once our eyes met I felt the warmth of the sun on the field, and when she spoke it was like the gold and silver became liquid on her tongue and invited me forward. Once I was within arms reach she pulled me in and said, “You found me, well done our rȳni-maþr. I am Lady Fehu. Giver of wealth, and hearth; Bringer of cycles and equality. The one who sows the cycles of the lands and is one with Vaettir and Goddessesof the seasons. You may go now, you must prepare to dive once again into your next step, be well and keep pressing. All will reveal themselves in due time.”

With that dialogue being over I was out of my Uti Seta or trance state and back at my space. Dumbfounded by what had just happened, I met the embodiment of the first of the Runes. Of Fehu, Fé, and Feoh, I met The Lady Fehu, and was now tasked to further press on.

(Image is orginal artwork of my interpretation of The Lady Fehu; Fehu BindRune is orginal artwork from myself, published under my brand Moons and Runes)

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